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Our family has been crafting exquisite candies and chocolates since 1936, and we are proud to be third-generation candy makers. It all began with our grandfather Frank, who discovered his passion for candy-making after purchasing a kit from a magazine. Using only the finest ingredients, such as pure chocolate, fresh dairy cream, butter and roasted nuts, he created delicious treats that quickly became a sought-after delicacy.

One of his signature creations was his thin and crispy peanut brittle, which was famously light as a potato chip. Our father Dan continued the legacy by perfecting recipes and developing new ones, while our mother Caroline managed the business alongside him until 2005. Today, even though our grandfather and father have passed away, our 80-year-old mother remains an active part of the business.

We are committed to maintaining the same high standards that our family has always upheld by using only the best ingredients and the highest-quality chocolate. Our award-winning Peanut Brittle is a testament to our commitment to excellence, and we thank you for being a part of our family by indulging in our premium candies and chocolates.

– Ed, Third-Generation Candy Maker

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