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  • 611 Hwy. 395 N. Washoe Valley, Nv. 89704
  • Phone: 775-849-0841
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-6:30pm.
  • 56 State Route 341, Moundhouse, Nv. 89706
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  • 611 Hwy. 395 N. Washoe Valley, Nv. 89704
  • Phone: 775-849-0841
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-6:30pm.
  • 56 State Route 341, Moundhouse, Nv. 89706
  • Phone: 775-246-5500
  • Hours: Mon 10am-6pm.
A History You Can Taste

During the Great Depression, our grandpa, Frank Salzwimmer, was anxious to support his growing family. He ordered a candy making kit and began to experiment in his basement. This was the beginning of his lifelong obsession with crafting quality candy and chocolates.

While working full-time for the Ford Motor company and raising seven children, he somehow found the time to make candy and chocolates and sell them door-to-door to put food on the table. It wasn't long before his reputation for homemade candies became famous in and around Akron, Ohio.

By 1962, the demand became so big that his three sons, Dan, Larry and Kenny, built their first candy store. They named it Leisa Darlyn after their only sister and the youngest of the family. From collecting hundreds of salvaged bricks to pouring their own concrete, they slowly built everything by hand to give their fathers dream a home of its very own. Soon, they had a loyal following that exceeded the door-to-door fame.

To keep up with the growing demand for Frank’s special confections, the eldest son Dan opened more candy stores in the Akron and Canton area. Using only the time-tested family recipes, he followed in his father’s footsteps to make the highest quality chocolates and candies around. This included his father’s famous peanut brittle, known for its light, thin crunch that's almost like a potato chip. Needless to say, people started lining up around the block.

In 1982, Frank’s son Dan and his wife Caroline moved themselves and three sons to sunny Washoe Valley outside of Reno, NV. And they wanted to introduce the West to Frank’s wonderful recipes. In 1983, they opened The Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory right here in Washoe Valley. A few years later, they expanded into a second location in the foothills of Virginia City.

Inside both locations, you can see equipment dating back to the early 1900s that's still used every day in making the best chocolate around. The Fire Mixer, which helps stir huge copper pots of our caramel and fudge, has a brass plaque showing its original manufactured date of 1914. The cast iron cream beater was crafted back in the 1930s, along with the hand crank candy cutters that make the perfect bite size for both caramel and hard candy alike.

These beautiful machines are what help the family follow Frank’s techniques to perfection, and keep his dream alive. We're committed to honoring his legacy with unmatched quality – alongside recipes you can't find anywhere else.

Our dear grandpa Frank passed away in 2000, and his eldest son Dan passed in 2019. The third generation has been slowly trained in all the family recipes, and now it is Richard, Eddie and Danny’s turn to follow their grandpa and dad’s commitment to only using the best ingredients – while working hard to make every bite of brittle, fudge and chocolate as incredible as ever.

Grandpa Frank’s methods are a closely guarded secret. In fact, many companies have wanted the secret to the brittle that will not break your teeth, but that's something we simply can't share, just like all of the recipes that make The Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory so special. But it's no secret that we use only the freshest dairy cream and butter, high-grade pure chocolate, and the best quality ingredients that we can find.

We would love to give you a sample of our crunchy brittle and melt in your mouth fudge. Please come by one of our two locations. Or, if you're not nearby, please order online and taste a little bit of our history, one that started with Grandpa Frank three generations ago.


I just love my visits there. The staff is always cheerful, helpful and knowledgeable. They have a variety of fudge, chocolates and over 50 flavors of Salt Water Taffy. They have a great variety of sugar free candy. I'm pretty sure my 4year old granddaughter could hear Angels sing as she wondered wide eyed through the barrels and isles and displays of every candy imaginable. It's clean and a sweet wonderland to visit. I hope you and your family have a delightful time there!

Dorothy Guadagni

Everything here is ALWAYS delicious! We usually get the fudge, along with a few other bits for everyone from the numerous cases full of treats. They even have loads of gluten-free options! Staff has always been relatively friendly, and are all very knowledgeable when it comes to their products. We try to stop every time we are in the neighborhood.

Robert Furman

I love the dark chocolate orange supreme and the dark church sponge candy! my son loves the ice cream and the candied popcorn without any artificial colors or sweeteners...always the best experience ever!!

Amanda Sloane

Visited again the other day. I enjoyed getting to taste so many of their delicious candies. The fudge was incredible. So much to choose from. I will definitely come here again to satisfy my sweet tooth and to buy gifts for my friends and family.

Christina Berry

When you want a moment, just for yourself; indulge in one of our sweet creations, take a pause and just

From our family
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Handcrafted Quality

We take pride in our time-tested processes, old world equipment, and loyalty to only the highest grade ingredients. We don’t produce 1000’s of pieces at a time, we focus on 1 piece at a time.

Taste the love in every bite

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